After 36 years we close our operating site in Koblenz.
We plan to reopen on 22. February 2022 at the Maifeld!
Feel free to get in touch with us by phone or contact form! Also: we will have parking spaces in front of the door!

Tattoo Center Koblenz | Ansicht Studio außenAs one of the oldest tattoo studios in Rheinland-Pfalz we stand for more than 27 years in the service of our customers.

On account of the long-standing experience it is not surprising, that we are foundation member of the DOT e. V. and UETA e. V.. Here we were responsibly by the production of the hygiene guidelines for tattoo artist, which we have published in 2008 in book form. In 2010 now this guidelines been taken over from the AWMF. Over here you can find details under the associations.

Tattoo Center Koblenz | Ansicht Studio innenOur trained, expert and reliable employees offer quality for affordable prices. We put our attention to high-class products from Germany.

According to the topical Tätowiermittelverordnung, we use exclusively admitted colors which are made in Lahnstein by WEFA Colors. The care products coordinated here are complementary and are also used of course.

The tattoo machine used by us, distinguish itself by a quiet, steady run and permit a less painful one tattoo. Here also we use the coordinated infertile disposable needles which cause less skin irritations.

Where it only goes, disposable materials are used naturally. To the application infertile oral spatulas also come here beside disposable shavers, infertile disposable color caps. With our disposable gloves we avoid basically the application of latex products on account of possible allergies. We use disposable gloves free of powder from Nitril as an alternative.

Listed disinfectants are used on site to guarantee an optimum customer protection. Manufacturer's data find with it attention.

A competent consultation to the individual creation of your tattoo is free with us naturally. We are available with pleasure for this at our opening times and are glad about your visit.

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